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Videos from The Blue Flower Lodge

Proceeds will benefit the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, the Blue Flower Lodge, and Haile High.

PROPHESY - with Twylah Nitsch and Lynn Abbott

In PROPHESY, Twylah Nitsch, a Seneca elder, teaches that through love, truth and peace, you can function as a whole person. In addition to showing us what we can do to help ourselves, Twylah reveals, for the first time, the presence of the Crystallites; they are our guides in keeping the circle whole through the coming changes. PROPHESY is your gateway to a new earth connection, the Crystallites and the love, truth and peace within you.    ($22.00)
WOLF TALES - told by Twylah Hurd Nitsch

This is a valuable historical document. It is the story of the Seneca, a native people who have long fought to maintain their sovereignty as a nation. In this video Twylah tells legends from thre Seneca clans; each, a lesson of survival as taught by the creatures that shared the Seneca homelands. And she tells us how to connect our inner selves with the earth and the solace it offers.    ($44.00)

Lynn Abbott, a teacher in the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, introduces you to the medecine wheels that the Lodge calls Wisdom Wheels. Learn how Wisdom Wheels are constructed and about the stages we go through as we learn our lessons. This video is an essential guide to spiritual self-development and inner peace; a marriage of ancient wisdom and modern technology - the cutting edge of yesterday!

Sovereignty of Season - Video ($35.00)

Sovereignty of Season - Workbook ($30.00)
FEATHERS - How to make a feather mobile
- with Lynn Abbott

Feathers are intriguing. They touch our imagination. In this video, learn to make a mobile of these feathers - a 'dreamtickler' - to keep alive the memory of the light, the color and the beauty of the bird who gifted you from itself. Simple, easy-to-follow instructions make your feathers come alive as the constantly changing patterns of feather and shadow float you deep into the Silence of your dreams.    ($20.00)
Applied Resonance Therapy Home Study Course includes workbook, video and energy cards. Massachusetts acupuncturists can earn 15 continuing education units.     ($300.00) (select the button for VHS video or DVD).
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To purchase these videos - or others about the Wolf Clan Teachings - email us at or write to us at 153 Summer St., Acton, MA 01720. Proceeds will benefit the work of Clan Destiny and the Blue Flower Lodge.

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